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Welcome to our new guitarist and our manager - 2018 will be sick

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After getting the chance to play on the Dock's stage June 2016, we played two more times with our dear guitarist Thomas, before he left the band in January 2017. We thank him a lot for all the amazing things he did for the band, specially conceding he was one of the founding members.

Pierre replaced Thomas for six intense months during which we played 6 times (all were epic gigs specially the ones in Geneva (twice) and both gigs in Vevey).

Because of the different expectations in regards of music composition between Pierre and the band, he quit us in June 2017, and of course we are on good terms with him. He provided something new to the band, so we thank warmly him for having done that.

Marcos joined the band in June 2017 and we are very pleased with the current line up! We made already 2 shows and an epic recording session (which will be realeased in the early days of 2018) together.

A lot of things (shows, video clips, and more) are planned for 2018.

Only recently we have a manager (Thibault Ramet, contact: band@unholypagoda.com), so the band is in good hands now.

Stay tuned!

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