Unholy Pagoda

We are a Grunge band from Switzerland!

Our next shows

17.03.2018 Cave du Mont-sur-Lausanne 00:00 Lausanne
10.03.2018 Le Bouffon de la Taverne 22:00 Genève
13.12.2017 Zelig 21:30 Lausanne
10.11.2017 Espace Saint-Martin 21:30 Lausanne
05.06.2017 Festival Wet Mouettes 19:00 Vevey
25.05.2017 Festival Animai 20:30 Vevey
19.05.2017 La Makhno 21:00 Genève
22.04.2017 Vinyl Club 22:00 Lausanne
07.04.2017 Villa Tacchini (Hurricane Fest) 23:00 Genève
10.03.2017 Cave à vin, Chemin des Moulins 35 22:00 Neuchâtel
24.02.2017 Collège de Pierrefleur 20:30 Lausanne
14.01.2017 Grand-Vennes 20:30 Lausanne
02.09.2016 Bergières (Caravane des quartiers) 21:30 Lausanne
02.07.2016 Nouveau collège "Tribord", cours Sud 20:00 Préverenges
21.06.2016 Fêtes de la musique (Place centrale) 16:00 Lausanne
18.06.2016 Les Citrons Masqués 22:00 Yverdon
13.02.2016 La Bille 21:00 La Sarraz
22.01.2016 Disc-à-Brac 17:00 Lausanne
15.01.2016 Le Romandie 22:00 Lausanne
24.11.2015 Bar Tech a Break, EPFL 20:30 Lausanne
21.11.2015 Espace 44, avenue des Bergières 44 22:00 Lausanne
11.11.2015 Cave du Bleu Lézard 22:00 Lausanne
You are so sick!

Latest news

Welcome to our new guitarist and our manager - 2018 will be sick - After getting the chance to play on the Dock's stage June 2016, we played two more times with our dear guitarist Thomas, before he left the band in January 2017. We thank him a lot for all the amazing things he did for the band, specially conceding he was one...

Special thanks and what's going on... - Thank you all for the amazing live we played at Les Fêtes de la Musique. Thanks to the Regional Rock selection that went in our favor in November 2015. Thanks to the Dock's stage that welcomed us so professionally. We were glad with your positive feedback about the newly three...

Lead guitarist Vlad has left the band - A lot of thanks to Vlad who has played for three years with us and lived major events! The band doesn't stop and go on with three musicians. We're looking forward to playing the upcoming live concerts! (June and July)....

Live in June! - See you soon at Les Citrons Masqués(18.06.2016 22:00 Yverdon) and Fêtes de la Musique(21.06.2016 16:00 Lausanne)!...

We're looking for a MANAGER! - Hello! We are currently looking for a manager in the area. You can contact us at band@unholypagoda.com...

About us

Unholy Pagoda was formed in june 2013 by four childhood friends.

Even if the tastes are different, the band is mostly grunge, a musical style influenced by hard-rock and punk-rock music, born in the middle of the eighties, in Seattle and its neighbourhood. Nirvana, one of the most famous grunge band, became their principal inspiration. The Tool’s progressive metal and the Oasis’s Brit Pop also influenced the songs little by little, giving a strange, powerful and explosive mix. They released a first album in January 2016 and have already a lot of gigs behind them.


  • Léopold Tschanz (bass, lead vocals)

  • Marcos Viegas (guitar, backing vocals)

  • Liam Liguori (drum)

Former members

  • Gabriel Ruiz (drums) 2013-2014

  • Vladimir Meylan (lead guitar) 2013-2016

  • Thomas Dardano (guitar, backing vocals) 2013-2017

  • Pierre Croisier (guitar, backing vocals) 2017

Music videos


Live on the Docks stage

If you like that, you may also enjoy our other videos on our YouTube channel!

Contact us

Any question? Any suggestion? You want us to play for you? Let's send us an email and we'll answer as soon as possible!